International shipping available!
Please ask by E-mail if you have any questions.
Please make sure that your paypal adress is correct! 
adress set, this is prerequisite, also in the paypal terms, for safety!

【How To Order】 
This price doesn't include consumption tax. 
Tax will be added to this price.(10%) 
We'll reply soon about stock and the total cost included the tax(10%),Paypal fee(4%) and postage.

【Payment Information】 
Accept Only Paypal.   
*Payment please within 4days 

We use DHL.
It comes with a tracking number and has a limit 2kg.

A phone number is required for shipping.
Some countries require a CNPJ/CPF Tax ID.

➤➤➤➤The shipping cost is here.
(With tracking number, about 3-8 days)

North America 27$
(up to 1.99kg)
South America 45$
(up to 1.99kg)
Europe (Except some few countries) 27$
(up to 1.99kg)
East Europe 45$
(up to 1.99kg)
Oceania 27$
(up to 1.99kg)
Asia 25$
(up to 1.99kg)
Southeast Asia 27$
(up to 1.99kg)
Africa & Middle East 50$
(up to 1.99kg)

*Please ask us more than 2kg.
*5 records and packaging weighs roughly 1.8kg.
Orders of 6 or more records will be 2kg or more, please contact us for shipping costs.

There is a remote delivery fee for delivery to some areas.
This is an additional $28 charge.

You can check it out here.